Activities - Cultural

Cultural Centre

To boost the virtuous and cultural atmosphere we provide free lodging and boarding to many Spiritual and cultured personalities and serve them with due respect. Hence such knowledgeable and experienced personalities can guide the common masses towards the right path, which is the sole intention of the Ashram.

Awareness is created among public to understand each other in better way. In this world all are having various kinds of problems. It is necessary to remember God and do our Karm peacefully. This kind of cultured and religions activities give soothing effect to minds of people. They will not go in depression. But accept what is provided by God gracefully and remain satisfied with what is available.

Cultural Camps

Cultural camps are organized time to time in our Ashram for rural people. Ashram provides free stay by the way of tent and offers free food too. We also invite experts to guide rural public on various aspects.

Awareness is created about how to live for benefits of Society as a whole and not just to live self-centered life. Knowledge is created through lectures and prayers (Bhajans). So people can live peacefully and they can live better life.

Cultural Tours

Children and youth learn music and spiritual songs/ Bhajans at our Ashram. They are trained with different musical instruments free of cost. Tours are often conducted to nearby villages with such trained people with an aim to make all others listen to such melodious songs and music.

Cultural Centre for Children

Ashram has established this centre wherein rural children are assembled and are showered with teachings of good habits. Children can grasp and understand very well at young age but are still not capable to decide what is right & what is wrong. Hence Centre educates them wisely and helps them to adopt good behaviour, which keeps them away from evil thoughts and bad habits. Centre often organises free meal programs for them.