Activities - Educational

Sanskrit Vidhyalaya

Sanskrit is considered as the basic language from which major Indian languages are derived. All the sacred books like Vedas, Upnishadas, Bhagvad Gita etc., composed by the almighty himself, are written in Sanskrit language. Awareness of Sanskrit education is essential for our country. To fulfil this basic need, we are running Sanskrit Vidyalaya in the Ashram.

Since grammar is the root of any language, here we teach Sanskrit grammar along with various courses to pupils and prepare them for Prathama, Madhyama and Shastri examinations. All expenses are borne by the Ashram, thereby offering lodging, boarding and various other amenities, free of cost to the students. Our vidyalaya is affiliated with kaashi (Varanasi) university, acclaimed of having the greatest standards in India.

Spiritual Library (Vedant Pustakalaya)

Knowledge plays a very important role in human life. Right knowledge is very hard to find. Poor people in rural areas sometimes do not have enough money to buy books. Many intelligent people are deprived of reading due to unavailability of books. Ashram offers free books for people to read. People can avail this facility to gain knowledge thereby enlightening themselves and their families.

Music School

Children and youth learn music and spiritual songs/ Bhajans at our Ashram. They are trained with different musical instruments free of cost. Tours are often conducted to nearby villages with such trained people with an aim to make all others listen to such melodious songs and music.