Activities - Humanitarian

Shri Krishna Gaushala

Cows are spiritually, scientifically, economically and in many aspects highly beneficial. We are conducting this highly beneficiary and essential activity with 400+ best cows of Gir breed. In our Gaushala we carry out,

  • Cow Breeding. : We take extreme care to breed more and more cows. Cow population in India has gone down considerably. It is necessary to have more cows for various benefits discussed in the detailed article about cow
  • Developing high breed bulls and donating to GramPanchayats of surrounding village free of cost.
  • Donating cows free of cost to appropriate social institutes.

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Ayurvedic Dispensary (Aushadhalaya)

Ashram provides free diagnose to all patients and gives them related ayurvedic medicine free of cost. Patients are also provided free stay & food if need arises.

In villagers of Junagarh District, Ashram is well known for Ayurvedic Treatment and medicines for more than 50 years. All treatments and medicines are provided free of cost. Jagjivan Bapu Founder of the Institute (Ashram) was well known Ayurvedic expert and Ashram was well known for his various herbal and ayurvedic medicines. One can stay for treatment in Ashram if necessary.

Anna Dan (Donation of Food Grains)

There are many such people who would have helped someone in their life, but due to certain unforeseen circumstances they are now dependent on somebody. Ashram provides free food to such genuine needy people with an aim to regain their dignity & self esteem.

Disaster Relief

Ashram provides quick emergency relief to people affected in natural disasters like, flood, earthquake, fire etc. All devotees try their level best to reach to affected areas with food & medicine at the earliest. With the sole aim to help the needy, this service is offered free of cost.

Disaster Relief