Jagjivanbapu Sevashram - Ashram Message


|| Aum ||

Gnan Mandir – Uddesh (Motive)

Fari ne aa sansaar maa bhajavavo pade na vesh, gnane agnan tadavu ej param uddesh.

Mat bhedo na karane vidh vidh gnan manay, jiv shiv ni ekta kharu gnan kahevay.

Sampraday ni vaad thi, para rahi thavu shant, man, vachan ane karma thi gaavu matra vedant.

Tatva na dohan rupi gita shastra khare, purnapade sevaay toh saheje arth sare.

Jethi fari janme mare te seva nahi pan sahakar, jethi kadi na udbhave ej param upkaar.

Ej param upkaar chhe, ej param seva, guru aadesh paday toh nishchay thaye eva.

Aashraye aavel ne preme aapo ann, bhaji nishdin paramatma ne karo Guru ne prasann.

Sevi sadhu sant ne, samajvo tatvaarth, gurukrupa ne paatra thai saachavavo paramaarth.

Aum Shanti : Aum Shanti : Aum Shanti

Ashram’s Vision & Mission.

Dear Devotees,
Jai Sadguru,

"Let us all try our best and make it possible…"

  • Enhance stay facility by two times (double than the present).
  • New construction of Dining & Boarding Area for Pilgrims.
  • Accelerate Construction of Girnar Pratikruti & reconstruction of Guru Dattatray Temple in full swing.
  • Enhance Gaushala facility by two times (double than the present).
  • Commence with new activities of Paanjarapol.
  • Acquire & develop cultivable cattle feeding land by two times the current acquisition or even more.
  • Accomplish Van-Ghat-Chowk-Aashram Road projects.
  • To Craft 2 new Elegant and Attractive chariots.
  • Reconstruction of Gnan Mandir(Temple).
  • Foundation of Idol ad Samaadhi Temple & Janmabhoomi.
  • Expand Storage & Warehousing related facilities.
  • Expand activities to serve saints efficiently.
  • Expand activities of Sanskrit Vidyalayha as per Guru’s direction.
  • Develop boarding facility for pilgrims at Junagadh
    - Bhavnath

Let us move a step ahead and extend the approach to cover touch points of our cultural roots that stands on robust Vedic philosophy such as serving Cow-Brahmin-Saints. Also let us enhance temple activities, boarding and dining facilities. At the same time, celebrating festivals during regular & auspicious occasions, thereby taking our culture towards excellence and seek blessings from almighty Sadguru.

With the grace almighty Sadguru, during this nine yearly undertaking,

  • Many small & big jobs undertaken have been accomplished.
  • Several festivals have been organized and celebrated joyfully amongst the devotees.
  • All activities associated with the Aashram are being accomplished regularly in most superior & distinct manner.

Let’s endure our dedication by capitalizing this handful of time left. As the Celebration is passing through its final phase of activities / projects undertaken in nine yearly undertaking. Let us take this call with highest level of enthusiasm.

This requires all devotees to take a willful step and come ahead with crystal clear vision and sold intention to witness successful accomplishment of Centenary Celebrations, thereby make Gurudev delightful and get ourselves spiritually enlightened.

Gnan Mandir Committee