Jagjivanbapu Jivan Darshan

Saurashtra region in Gujarat is well recognized as land of Saints. Many religious and knowledgeable personalities are born here. In the district of Junagadh, there lies a small remote village, situated on the coastline, named Simar. In the year 1911, & as per Hindu calendar on Magshar Sud 6 in Samwant year 1967, a divine soul was incarnated as human whom we lovingly and respectfully known as Param Pujya Shree JagjivanBapu. Pujya Bapu, born in this village of Simar, devoted his entire life for the upliftment of the people.

Right from the childhood, he was very religious and of helping nature. His basic interests where to help the needy in whatsoever condition and to serve the poor & needy at any cost. His utmost priority was to provide food to the needy and to saints and priests who used to visit their village.

Pujya Bapu had a unique capability, may be termed as a sixth sense, of knowing the medicinal values lying in various herbs & plants rarely recognized by normal humans like us. He unearthed these possibilities and utilized them to treat people. He used to travel miles & miles in search of certain herbs & plants of high medicinal properties. For him patients were like God and hence he often termed them as “Dardi Bhagwan”. All calls of medicinal help where solicited by him at any time during the day or night. People, also from the surrounding village, approached him for curing their near ones. There were many cases where patients with severe illness where turned down by doctors and were cured by Pujya Bapu. He cured all with same devotion irrespective of patient being rich or poor, being of any caste creed or religion.

Pujya Bapu was a very simple man with very less needs. He performed this selfless devotion without any monetary considerations or any such other considerations in kind. According to him God had imparted him with this knowledge of medicines to cure people and not to earn money. He firmly believed this and hence was strictly forbidden to accept any considerations against his medical consultations.

Pujya Bapu was a strong believer of Shrimad Bahgwad Gita – Composed by Lord Krishna himself. Philosophical truths are expounded in Shrimad Bhagwad Gita in the form of a dialogue between Lord Krishna and his friend Arjuna before a military combat. These answers of Lord Krishna are the essence of Shrimad Bhagwad Gita — one of the greatest - by profoundness of wisdom and breadth of the fundamental problems covered - books existing on the Earth.

Pujya Bapu has composed several bhajans (sacred Chants) based on the preaching of Vedas, Upanishad’s & Shrimad Bahgwad Gita. These bhajans (in Gujarati language) act as a decoded text of sacred books wherein it is simplified for the people who often find it difficult to understand the contents of such sacred books.

As he grew, people who knew him began to understand that he is not an ordinary human. He certainly had some super natural powers and was always in constant endeavor to serve people. He was capable of doing many things at one time. Being such a great personality he always chose to stay away from propaganda and never liked to get credits for his profound deeds. He regarded happiness and distress alike. He looked upon a stone and piece of Gold with equal eye. He was steady and stimulated equally well in praise & blame, honour & dishonour. Treated friends and enemy alike, he was neutral and transcendental, renounced all material activities, always in spiritual world. He always quoted that by engaging in devotional service one can surpass all the rituals of material world and reach spiritual world. By engaging in devotional services like singing religious songs, life at once become glorified beyond all penances, scarifies, charities, speculations. By this, one attains the spiritual consciousness.

Pujya Bapu started traveling places to serve people and spread right knowledge amongst them. People close to him knew his real form and had total faith in him. They started traveling with Pujya Bapu and assisted him in all his activities. These people firmly believed in the principles laid down by Pujya Bapu and strictly followed them too. The followers of Pujya Bapu increased day by day.

Gnan Mandir

Gnan Mandir

Janmbhoomi Mandir

Janmbhoomi Mandir

Samadhi Mandir

Samadhi Mandir

The devotees built an ashram, named as Gnan Mandir by Pujya Bapu, to perform various activities as prescribed by him. Various activities like Shree Krishna Gaushala, Sanskrit Vidyalaya, Annaksetra, separate Guest houses for devotees and Saints, Yagnashala, Dispensary, etc. depicts his love and honour for old Hindu Tradition and Religion.

The basic motive of ashram, rightly named as Gnan Mandir by Pujya Bapu, is to impart right knowledge to people by various means. Many such places like Gnan Ghat, Gnan Van, Gnan Chowk etc. are being developed by ashram. Details of such activities are given in this website.

In the year 1978, & as per Hindu calendar on Ashwin (aaso) Sud 1 in Samwant year 2034, Pujya bapu, the divine soul, discarded his human body and left this material world to merge with the Primordial Consciousness in the abode of the creator.

We were born in darkest ignorance and our spiritual master Param Pujya Shree Jagjivan Bapu opened our eyes with beam of knowledge. We offer our respectful obeisance unto him. We pray and request to give shelter under his lotus feet.

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